Zilla Reflector Dome Light.
The Zilla fixture is the perfect solution for heating your reptile cages. With the safe ceramic fixture, the attractive polished aluminum dome and the affordability that everybody is looking for this product has the best bang for the buck.

You have two different options a larger 8.5” dome and a smaller 5.5”.
ReptiSun 5.0 Coil Bulb
You now have an alternative option to the long, tube flourescent UVB bulbs and fixtures. We are excited to now offer the same reliable and safe UVB source, but in a compact style which will fit into any standard socket.
ReptiSun 5.0 UVB bulb T8 style
The ZooMed ReptiSun 5.0 bulb is the standard in UVB lighting for chameleons; it emits enough UVB to benefit your chameleon without overdoing it. The ReptiSun bulb is simply the best you can get.!

The most popular UVB bulb, great for almost any reptile. (T8)
Zoo Med UVB Meter
Over time your UVB bulbs start to emit less of those necessary UV rays, knowing when to change your bulbs is critical, this tool will allow you to know when to make the swap.

Be sure your chameleons are getting the rays they need with Zoomed's ultraviolet radiometer.
Zoo Med UVB Hoods.
What size?
We chose to carry the ZooMed fixture because of its high quality. This unit features a low profile, a built in reflector, electronic ballast to reduce flickering as well as a easy to reach on/off switch. (T8)

They are available in three sizes:
Zoo Med 20” UVB Hood. (fits 18” Bulb)
Zoo Med 30” UVB Hood. (fits 24” Bulb)
Zoo med 36" UVB hood. (fits 36" Bulb)
Exo-Terra Compact Fluorescent Fixture
We wanted to offer an affordable fixture that can work with the new compact UVB bulbs, after some searching this Exo-Terra seemed to fit the bill nicely. This will fit nicely onto the top of any cage or terrarium and reflect the UBV rays down into the enclosure this can also fit low wattage incandescent bulb, however I recommend sticking to fluorescent bulbs.

We carry three sizes to fit the cages we carry:
12" canopy
18" canopy
24" canopy
Zoomed 5.0 heat and UVB combo
Save money and get all the heat and beneficial UVB rays your chameleon needs in one convenient package. The Zoomed daylight blue bulb we have found to be the best for viewing our chameleons.

Includes one dual socket fixture, reptisun 5.0 compact UVB bulb, and 60w daylight blue bulb.
Zilla mini halogen bulbs
These bulbs fit the Zilla heat and UVB basking fixtures we sell here. High intensity output, energy efficiency, and compact size make this the modern reptile keepers bulb of choice.

Available sizes:
Daytime white 25w and 50w
Daytime blue 25w and 50w
Night time red 25w and 50w
Zoo Med Daylight Blue Bulbs
After testing out many different light bulbs we have finally decided that this is the bulb that we like the best. We feel that the wide spectrum light emitted by this bulb showed the truest colors on our reptiles.

This bulb is available in: 40w, 60w, 100w, 150w
Zilla heat and UVB basking fixture
This relatively new and innovative product is something that we like because of it's unique design. It overlaps the heat and UVB sources so your chameleon is sure to get the beneficial rays he needs while basking, mimicking a mercury vapor bulb while being more cost effective. The halogen bulbs this fixture uses are also energy saving and long lasting. This fixture fits the compact 5.0 UVB bulb and the Zilla mini halogen heat bulbs we sell here.

Bulbs sold separately.
Zoomed day/night heat combo
For those that prefer to use the standard fluorescent tubes to provide UVB, or who keep their house chilly at night, this combo provides 24 hour heating to your chameleon. We recommend using one of our automated timers to turn the lights from day to night every day for you.

This combo includes one dual socket fixture, 60w daylight blue bulb, and 60w night time red bulb.
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